NEPA Documents

12/12/2017 Draft EA Oregon Midwater Recreational Fishery Authorization.pdf
12/04/2017 Oregon Coast Hatchery Programs Record of Decision
11/07/2017 Final Environmental Impact Statement for US v. Oregon November 2017
10/25/2017 Oregon Coast Hatcheries FEIS
06/14/2017 Draft Environmental Impact Statement for US .v OR 6.14.2017.pdf
08/18/2016 Oregon Coast hatcheries DEIS for public review
09/17/2014 Mitchell Act hatcheries FEIS
03/01/2014 Environmental assessment and regulatory impact review for continuing implementation of the catch sharing plan for Pacific halibut in Area 2A, 2014-2016
01/23/2013 Snake River Basin Fisheries Supplemental DEA
10/09/2012 Two Permits for Snake River Salmon & Steelhead HGMPs EA
09/26/2012 Sandy River HGMPs EA
03/15/2012 Appendix A to NEPA Review Memo on California Sea Lion Removal
03/15/2012 NEPA Review Memo on California Sea Lion Removal
12/01/2011 Final Environmental Assessment and Initial Regulatory Impact Review for Pacific Coast Salmon Plan Amendment 16
11/01/2007 Issuance of an Exempted Fishing Permit to Fish Longline Gear in the West Coast EEZ: Environmental Assessment
06/01/2005 Proposed Amendment to 4(d) Protective Regulations for Threatened Salmonid ESUs EA