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The public notices below announce changes in groundfish regulations. For more detailed information on these changes see the Federal Register. You may also contact Frank Lockhart at 206-526-6140, in Seattle, Washington.

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Recent Public Notices
12/15/2017 NMFS-SEA-17-23: Trawl Rationalization Program 2017 Year-End and Gearing Up for 2018
12/15/2017 NMFS-SEA-17-22: Proposed rule for an Oregon midwater recreational fishery; public comment must be received by February 18, 2018
11/28/2017 NMFS-SEA-17-21: Pacific Whiting Treaty JTC Meeting Notice
11/24/2017 NMFS-SEA-17-20: Final Rule for Widow Rockfish Quota Share (QS) Reallocation
11/15/2017 NMFS-SEA-17-19: 2018 Trawl Gear Exempted Fishing Permit -- Enrollment Notice
10/30/2017 NMFS-SEA-17-18: Amendment 21-3 Change Pacific Whiting At-Sea Sector Darkblotched Rockfish and Pacific Ocean Perch (POP) Allocations to Set-Asides
10/17/2017 NOAA-NMFS-2017-17-REVISED: Inseason adjustments to sablefish trip limits, clarification of lingcod size limits for Shorebased IFQ, and California recreational fishery depth restrictions, effective October 19, 2017
09/15/2017 NMFS-SEA-17-16: Reapportionment of Pacific Whiting Actual Notice
08/30/2017 NMFS-SEA-17-15a: Reapportionment of Widow Rockfish between Catcher/Processor and Mothership Sectors
08/14/2017 NMFS-SEA-17-15: Trawl Gear EFP Enrollment Notice
07/13/2017 NMFS-SEA-17-14: Call For Nominations to Pacific Whiting Treaty Advisory Panel
07/05/2017 NOAA-NMFS-17-13: Inseason adjustments to lingcod trip limits and the non-trawl RCA, and transfer of POP and DKBL to the at-sea whiting fishery, effective July 3, 2017
07/05/2017 NMFS-SEA-17-12: August 1, 2017 JMC Meeting
05/12/2017 NOAA-NMFS-17-11: Inseason adjustments to increase sablefish trip limits and transfer Pacific Ocean perch to the at-sea whiting fishery, effective May 12, 2017
05/12/2017 NMFS-SEA-17-10: Inseason adjustment to incidental halibut retention in the sablefish primary fishery N. of Pt Chehalis; and changes to WA recreational management measures, effective May 11, 2017
05/08/2017 NMFS-SEA-17-09: 2017 Pacific whiting harvest specifications and tribal allocation
04/27/2017 NMFS-SEA-17-08: Trawl Rationalization Program – Shorebased IFQ Program: Additions to Quota Share Accounts and Vessel Accounts
04/18/2017 NMFS-SEA-17-07: NMFS Seeks Additional Pacific Coast Groundfish Vessels for Trawl Gear Exempted Fishing Permit Project
03/23/2017 NMFS-SEA-07-06: 2017 Tribal Whiting Allocation Proposed Rule and Request for Comments
02/03/2017 NMFS-SEA-17-05: 2017-2018 Harvest Specifications and Commercial and Recreational Management Measures Final Rule, Effective February 7, 2017, Revised February 9, 2017