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Trip Limits and RCA Boundaries   (136 kb) (a complete set of the most recent trip limit tables for commercial groundfish fisheries and boundaries of the trawl and non-trawl RCAs)

The public notices below announce changes in groundfish regulations. For more detailed information on these changes see the Federal Register. You may also contact Frank Lockhart at 206-526-6140, in Seattle, Washington, or Mark Helvey at 562-980-4000, in Long Beach, California.

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Recent Public Notices
07/15/2015 NMFS-SEA-15-17: Information regarding an upcoming public work session on July 29, 2015 for strategies to manage the impacts to salmon from groundfish fisheries
06/08/2015 NMFS-SEA-15-16: Call for nominations to the Advisory Panel and the Joint Management Committee for the Pacific Whiting Agreement
06/01/2015 NMFS-SEA-15-15: Big skate trip limit and sorting requirement for the Shorebased IFQ Program, and updated trip limit tables, effective June 1, 2015
06/01/2015 trip limits and rca boundaries_06012015.pdf
05/22/2015 NMFS-SEA-15-14: Announcing additions of quota into accounts in the Shorebased IFQ Program, on or before May 26, 2015
05/13/2015 NMFS-SEA-15-13: Announcing final Pacific whiting harvest specifications and allocations for 2015, effective May 14, 2015
04/23/2015 NMFS-SEA-15-12: Meeting of the Joint Management Committee on May 6-7, 2015
04/21/2015 Compliance Guide for Observer and Catch Monitor Provider Permitting Process in the Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery, April 2015
04/21/2015 NMFS-SEA-15-11: Quick reference guide to materials for Observer and Catch Monitor Program changes, effective May 21, 2015
04/21/2015 Observer Safety - Compliance Guide for Observer Providers and Vessels in the Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery, April 2015
04/09/2015 NMFS-SEA-15-10: Public notice and compliance guide for midwater trawl fishery season date change that is effective May 15, 2015
04/01/2015 NMFS-SEA-15-09: Information for the start of the limited entry fixed gear sablefish primary fishery, begins at noon on April 1
03/11/2015 NFMS-SEA-15-08: A proposed rule for 2015 tribal allocation of Pacific whiting has published; public comment period closes April 9, 2015
03/10/2015 NMFS-SEA-15-07: Public notice and compliance guide for 2015-2016 harvest specifications and management measures, effective March 10, 2015
03/04/2015 NMFS-SEA-15-06: Pacific Whiting Treaty JMC Meeting Notice for 2015
02/17/2015 NMFS-SEA-15-05: Announcing availability of a proposed rule for changes to the season opening date in midwater trawl fisheries
01/21/2015 NMFS-SEA-15-04: Announcing a meeting of the Scientific Review Group of the Pacific whiting treaty on February 24-27, 2015
01/16/2015 NMFS-SEA-15-03: Announcing availability of a final Environmental Impact Statement
01/09/2015 NMFS-SEA-15-02: Announcing additional interim 2015 quota pounds available in the Trawl Rationalization Program in early January 2015
12/31/2014 NMFS-SEA-14-30: End of the year information for the limited entry fixed gear and open access fisheries, and information for the start of 2015