Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund

Congress established the Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund (PCSRF) in 2000 to protect, restore, and conserve Pacific salmon and steelhead populations and their habitats. NOAA Fisheries manages the PCSRF program and provides funding to states and tribes to implement restoration projects in the Pacific Coast region — Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho and Alaska. Thousands of PCSRF projects have been implemented since the program's inception, from providing fish passage to restoring wetlands, and have made important contributions to the health of threatened and endangered salmon and steelhead populations. These accomplishments are summarized in the program's annual Reports to Congress identified below.

PCSRF funding is approved by Congress annually and distributed by NOAA Fisheries to states and tribes. In 2007, NOAA instituted a competitive funding process to allocate funds based on the agency's mission, goals, and regional priorities for salmon recovery. States, tribal commissions, and individual tribes not affiliated with a commission are all eligible to apply. In 2009, Congress amended the program to make Nevada eligible to apply for PCSRF funds. In addition to the PCSRF federal funds, states provide significant matching funds through their grant allocation processes. The federal and state project dollars are further supplemented by private and local contributions. Collectively, these funds contribute to the success of the PCSRF program. An announcement is published at early each calendar year, outlining requirements and timing for the competitive funding process.

In addition, NOAA Fisheries and partner states and tribes have implemented an approach to track progress, measure performance, and ensure accountability in the use of public funds. These performance measures are described in the Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund Performance Goals, Measures and Reporting Framework pdf format (694kb). The project status and performance information on all PCSRF projects can be accessed and queried on the PCSRF Project and Performance Metrics Database. 

Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund: Annual Reports to Congress

2001 Report to Congress

2002 Report to Congress

2003 Report to Congress

2004 Report to Congress

2005 Report to Congress

2006 Report to Congress

2007 Report to Congress

2008 Report to Congress

2009 Report to Congress

2010 Report to Congress

2011 Report to Congress