California Central Valley Salmon & Steelhead Recovery Plan

In July 2014, NOAA Fisheries released a Recovery Plan for Sacramento River winter-run Chinook salmon, Central Valley spring-run Chinook salmon, and Central Valley steelhead. The recovery plan draws on the expertise of the Central Valley Technical Recovery Team, agency co-managers, and many public entities and individuals dedicated to recovering these fish. It is based on a sound scientific foundation and is a key decision-making resource for improving and sustaining the health of California's natural environment. The recovery plan and accompanying appendices and documents are available below.

Recovery Plan Overview

Executive Summary

Frequently Asked Questions

Federal Register Notice

Central Valley Salmon & Steelhead Recovery Plan 

Appendix A: Central Valley Watershed Profiles

Appendix B: Threats Assessment

Appendix C: Central Valley Technical Recovery Team Reports

Appendix D: Habitat Restoration Cost References

Recovery Strategies & Priority Actions for Key Regions

Spreadsheet of All Recovery Actions