Science in the Studio Award

In 2013, NOAA Fisheries and the Pacific Northwest College of Arts joined forces to advance a shared vision: bridging environmental science and conservation with art to create social change. The Science in the Studio Award aims to use art to demonstrate how our cumulative actions affect the health of marine and freshwater resources and actions people can take to protect them. Each year, a select group of students work closely with NOAA staff and scientists to address a specific concern and inspire the public to make changes in their daily lives.

2015-16 Award

A Tale of Two Species

For this year’s award, students will examine our relationship with marine mammals along the Southern California coastline.

2016 Winners

2014-15 Award

Watershed Toxins

The 2015 award centered on water quality and the impact of pharmaceuticals and toxic runoff in our watersheds and landscapes.

2015 Winners

2013-14 Award

Nearshore Habitats

In 2013, students were challenged to produce an animated short story to communicate the importance of shorelines.

2014 Winners