Creating the Nearshore Habitat Animation

Spring 2014

NOAA Fisheries is always looking for innovative ways to convey the importance of protecting and conserving our trust resources. Last year, we worked with the Pacific Northwest College of Art's (PNCA) Animated Arts Director, Rose Bond, to find a unique medium to capture the attention of waterfront landowners and developers. You see, shoreline habitats are some of the most important environments for young salmon, but they are also some of the West Coast's most developed areas and no longer support the needs of endangered salmon. This challenge led us to PNCA.

We proposed a student animation contest. PNCA students could submit a storyboard proposal for an educational short for landowners and the general public. One storyboard proposal stood out, and NOAA selected Beryl Allee to create our nearshore animation. Beryl partnered with John Summerson for the animation and sound design. 

The first product of our new partnership with PNCA is an intriguing animation that demonstrates the importance of nearshore, shallow water habitat to the survival of juvenile salmon. Their video is strikingly beautiful as well as moving. 

Watch the completed nearshore habitat video. Don't miss the sound track.

Watch a short video demonstrating Beryl Allee and John Summerson's illustration and animation process.

Predators lurk in unprotected waters.

Juvenile salmon explore a changed landscape.

Overhanging plants keep water cool.

beryl and john working

Above: PNCA animation team: Beryl Allee, story and illustration, and John Summerson, animation and sound. Photo by Rose Bond. 

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