2011 Status Reviews of Listed Salmon & Steelhead

The Endangered Species Act requires a review of listed species at least once every five years. We conduct five-year status reviews of the listed salmon and steelhead species in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California. Based on those reviews, we determine whether a species should be delisted, reclassified from endangered to threatened or threatened to endangered, or whether the current classification should be retained.

We conducted the most recent five-year status review in 2011. After considering the best available information, we concluded that all listed West Coast salmon and steelhead species will retain their current listing classifications. We did not complete a five-year review for Oregon coast coho salmon because, as part of a legal settlement, we agreed to make a new listing determination for this species. On June 20, 2011, we announced that Oregon coast coho would retain its threatened listing status

We are now initiating the next five-year status review process, which will include reviews for each of the following salmon and steelhead species as well as Puget Sound rockfishes and eulachon. We are accepting submissions for the best scientific and commercial data available to inform these reviews, which we anticipate completing in 2016.

For specific 2011 status reviews and publications, see the information below.

Five-Year Status Reports & Supporting Documents