Other Marine Species ESA Status Reviews


2009 Black Abalone Status Review 1.6MB

2000 White Abalone Status Review 1.6MB

Eulachon (Columbia River Smelt)

2016 5-Year Review Summary and Evaluation of Eulachon 1.3MB

Status Review Update of Eulachon (Thaleichthys pacificus) Listed under the Endangered Species Act: Southern Distinct Population Segment 965kb

2010 Status Review Update for Eulachon 3.5MB

2008 Status Review for Eulachon 2MB

Green Sturgeon

2015 Southern DPS Green Sturgeon 5-year Status ReviewPDF Formatted Document 590kb

2014 Northern DPS Green Sturgeon Status Review Update 233kb

2005 Green Sturgeon Status Review 529kb

2002 Green Sturgeon Status Review 475kb


2005 Herring Status Review 1.4MB

2001 Herring Status Review

Puget Sound Marine Fishes

2009 Revised Status Review of 5 Species of Rockfish in Puget Sound 10.9MB

2008 Status review of Rockfish in Puget Sound 3.5MB

2000 Puget Sound Marine Fishes Status Review

White Shark

2013 Status Review of Northeastern Pacific Population of White Sharks 4.0MB