Endangered Species Act Salmon Conservation References

Some of these publications are dated, but may still be useful for reference.

Status and Future of Spring Chinook Salmon in the Columbia River Basin
NOAA Technical Memorandum NMFS-F/NWC-187, August 1990

Conservation and Enhancement Policy for Conserving Species Listed or Proposed for Listing under the Endangered Species Act while Providing and Enhancing Recreational Fisheries Opportunities 38kb
Federal Register, Vol. 61, No. 107, p. 27977; June 3, 1996

Steelhead Conservation Efforts 122kb
A Supplement to the Notice of Determination for West Coast Steelhead Under the Endangered Species Act, August 1996

Coastal Salmon Conservation 137kb
Working Guidance for Comprehensive Salmon Restoration Initiatives on
the Pacific Coast, Sept. 15, 1996

Viable Salmon Populations and the Recovery of Evolutionary Significant Units   1.2MB
NOAA Technical Memorandum NMFS-NWFSC-42, June 2000

Announcement of Draft Policy for Evaluation of Conservation Efforts When Making Listing Decisions 144kb
Federal Register, Vol. 65, No. 114, p. 37102; June 13, 2000