2019 Federal Register Notices

05/08/2019 84FR20108: Issuance of exempted fishing permits (EFP) to target highly migratory species (HMS) in Federal waters off the U.S. West Coast for 2019
05/07/2019 84FR19904: Notice of availability of a state plan and analysis of a tribal plan for fisheries targeting steelhead in the Snake River Basin
05/06/2019 84FR19729: Management measures for the 2019 Ocean Salmon Fisheries off Washington, Oregon and California. Final Rule, May 6, 2019.
04/29/2019 84FR17960: Final Rule Approving Changes to Annual Management Measures for the Area 2A Pacific Halibut Catch Sharing Plan for 2019
04/22/2019 8416632: 90-Day Finding on a Petition to List Norhtern California Summer-run Steelhead as Endangered
04/16/2019 84FR15556: Proposed rule to amend regulations under the Tuna Conventions Act, including existing regulations for the IATTC Vessel Register; public comment period closes May 16, 2019
04/08/2019 84FR13858: Proposed rule, to revise annual reference points for the central subpopulation of northern anchovy in the U.S. Pacific coast EEZ; public comment period closes April 23, 2019
04/04/2019 Makah Whaling - hearing-proposed-waiver-and-regulations-governing-the-taking-of-marine-mammals
04/04/2019 Makah Whaling - taking-of-marine-mammals- unpublished
04/02/2019 84FR12593: Notice, availability of joint state/tribal plans for hatchery programs in the Duwamish-Green basin; public comment period closes May 2, 2019
04/02/2019 84FR12594: Notice, receipt of seven plans for hatchery programs in the Upper Columbia River; public comment period closes May 2, 2019
04/08/2019 84FR10768: fishery management plan amendment 17 to removed pre-specified landing limit; public comment period closes May 21, 2019
03/14/2019 84FR9281: Proposed rule to approve changes to the Pacific halibut Catch Sharing Plan for 2019; public comments must be received by March 29, 2019
03/14/2019 84FR9309: NOAA Fisheries' revised permit application for outplanting protected white abalone. Comments or public hearing requests due by April 15, 2019.
03/05/2019 84FR7890: Notice, Proposed Information Collection, Federal Trawl Logbook Requirement
03/06/2019 84FR7323: Notice of intent to prepare an EIS analyzing effects of authorizing deep-set buoy gear under the HMS Fishery Management Plan for U.S. West Coast fisheries; public comment period closes April 3, 2019
02/11/2019 84FR2860: Notice of Final EIS on Proposed Approval of Willamette River hatchery plans
02/05/2019 84FR1707: Extension of comment period for the PS steelhead plan