Public Notices

Open Access Fishery

06/30/2016 - NMFS-SEA-16-16: Inseason revisions to sablefish trip limits in the limited entry fixed gear and open access daily trip limit fisheries, effective July 1, 2016 PDF 105 KB
10/14/2015 - NMFS-SEA-15-23: Announcing closure of the limited entry fixed gear and open access sablefish daily trip limit fisheries beginning November 1, 2015, and prohibition of Pacific halibut retention in the sablefish primary fishery PDF 122 KB
12/31/2014 - NMFS-SEA-14-30: End of the year information for the limited entry fixed gear and open access fisheries, and information for the start of 2015 PDF 187 KB
12/31/2013 - NMFS-SEA-13-25: Distribution of the 2014 trip limit tables for limited entry fixed gear and open access gears, effective January 1, 2014 PDF 83 KB
10/17/2012 - Changes to management measures are being implemented in an Oct. 17, 2012, Federal Register notice (77FR63758) that will become effective Nov. 1, 2012. The Council recommended increased trip limits for commercial open access fixed gear sablefish fisheries south of 36° N. lat. The Council also recommended California Southern Management Area (SMA) Rockfish Conservation Area (RCA) adjustments south of 34°27’ N. latitude. This public notice includes updated commercial trip limit tables for the rest of 2012. PDF 152 KB
05/16/2008 - "This Public Notice corrects language describing the May 1 inseason changes to the Open Access Sablefish Daily Trip Limit (DTL) fishery that were published in the April 29, 2008 Public Notice. The Trip Limit Tables (Table 5 North and 5 South) in the April 29, 2008 public notice were correct and are unchanged via this correction. This error was isolated only to the April 29, 2008 Public Notice. Federal regulations for the Open Access fishery did not contain this error." PDF 104 KB
05/03/2005 - Emergency Rule to Set Bycatch Limits for Directed Open Access Fishery PDF 58 KB