ESA Species Recovery Grants for States & Tribes

NOAA Fisheries' Species Recovery Grant programs for states and tribes support recovery efforts that directly benefit eligible species. States and tribes can use federal funding, provided in the form of grants, to support management, outreach, research, and monitoring projects that have direct conservation benefits for Endangered Species Act-listed species, recently de-listed species, and candidate species, other than Pacific salmon.

Species Recovery Grants for States

States can formalize cooperative conservation partnerships with us by entering into agreements under Section 6 of the ESA. In the West Coast  Region, the states of Washington, Oregon, and California hold Section 6 agreements with us through the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) ,Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), and California Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), respectively. States with Section 6 agreements are eligible to apply for species recovery grants.

We summarized accomplishements of this program in a report for fiscal years 2003-2012 (931kb) where the work of ODFW and WDFW are highlighted for their efforts to manage eulachon.

Through this program, ODFW,WDFW, CDFW are also engaged in projects to manage green sturgeon and marine mammals.

See the state federal funding opportunity 173kb   for more information and requirements.

Species Recovery Grants for Tribes

Federally recognized tribes are eligible to apply. Two Northwest Tribes - the Makah Tribal Council and Cowlitz Tribe - are engaged in projects through this program to manage marine mammals and eulachon, respectively.

See the tribal federal funding opportunity 156kb for more information and requirements.