ESA Chronology for Oregon Coast Coho

June 2011: NOAA Fisheries retains Endangered Species Act (ESA) threatened status of Oregon coast coho 251kb

May 2010:  NOAA Fisheries Proposes to retain ESA threatened status of Oregon coast coho 125kb

April 2009: NOAA Fisheries initiates ESA review of Oregon coast coho 59kb

February 2008: In accordance with district court's opinion, NOAA Fisheries lists Oregon coast coho as threatened under ESA 1.5MB

October 2007: U.S. District Court in Oregon invalidates January 2006 decision not to list Oregon coast coho

July 2007: U.S. District Court in Oregon rules that NOAA Fisheries' decision not to list Oregon coast coho is "arbitrary, capricious, contrary to the best available evidence, and a violation of the ESA"

June 2006: Trout Unlimited challenges NOAA Fisheries' decision not to list

January 2006: NOAA Fisheries concludes that Oregon coast coho are "not likely to become endangered" in foreseeable future and therefore listing them under ESA is not warranted; agency withdraws ESA listing proposal 116kb

June 2005: NOAA Fisheries releases final ESA hatchery listing policy 98kb and announces 6-month extension on listing determination for Oregon coast coho   50kb

May 2005: Oregon releases final report of its Coastal Coho Assessment, concluding Oregon coast coho are viable and likely to persist into foreseeable future

February 2005: NOAA Fisheries requests public review and comment on Oregon's draft Coho Project Report 55kb

June 2004: NOAA formally  proposes to list Oregon coast coho as "threatened" under ESA 444kb and issues draft hatchery  policy 75kb

October 2003: Oregon begins Coastal Coho Project to evaluate effectiveness of Oregon Plan at recovering Oregon coast coho; state and NOAA Fisheries work jointly on project

November 2002: NOAA Fisheries convenes Oregon coast coho technical recovery team, charged with establishing biologically based delisting criteria and ESA recovery goals, and serving as science advisors to recovery planning

July 2002: NOAA Fisheries responds to ESA petition to redefine Oregon coast coho population 42kb

February 2002: NOAA Fisheries initiates ESA status review of West Coast salmon, including Oregon coast coho 57kb

November 2001: NOAA Fisheries begins developing new hatchery policy 49kb to address issues raised in Hogan decision and says it will apply new policy to all West Coast ESA-listed salmon and steelhead

September 2001: Alsea Decision, Judge Michael Hogan of U.S. District Court in Eugene finds that ESA does not allow NOAA Fisheries to split a salmon ESU into two components -- hatchery and wild -- and then list only one of those components; functional effect of ruling is to de-list Oregon coast coho

August 1998: NOAA Fisheries lists Oregon coast as threatened under ESA 40kb

June 1998: Federal District Court for Oregon rules that "not warranted" determination for Oregon coast coho is arbitrary and capricious, saying ESA doesn't let NOAA Fisheries consider biological effects of future or voluntary conservation measures

May 1997: NOAA Fisheries determines Oregon coast coho is "not warranted" for listing under the ESA   154kb based in part on Oregon's conservation measures contained in the plan

March 1997: Oregon completes its Salmon Initiative Plan and submits it to NOAA Fisheries

October 1995: Oregon embarks on its Coastal Salmon Restoration Initiative to conserve and restore coastal salmon and steelhead

July 1995: NOAA Fisheries proposes to list Oregon coast coho as threatened under ESA 137kb

October 1993: NOAA Fisheries receives petition from Pacific Rivers Council and 22 others requesting the agency list Oregon coast coho salmon under Endangered Species Act