Puget Sound Steelhead Recovery Team

Shortly after Puget Sound steelhead's listing, NOAA Fisheries convened a Puget Sound Steelhead Technical Recovery Team (PSSTRT).  A list of the team members and affiliations are available at: PSSTRT

The PSSTRT was tasked with identifying population structure and developing biological viability criteria for Puget Sound steelhead. The PSSTRT sunset following completion of these documents.

Using the PSSTRT’s scientific guidance as the foundation for our work, NOAA Fisheries convened a new Puget Sound Steelhead Recovery Team (Team) to assist the agency in preparing a draft recovery plan for Puget Sound steelhead.  An introduction and terms of reference for this Team are available at: Terms of Reference

Puget Sound Steelhead Recovery Team Members and Affiliations

Elizabeth Babcock

NOAA Fisheries Recovery Team Leader

Jeff Hard

NOAA Fisheries Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Joseph Anderson

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

David Price

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Ken Currens

Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission

Jeanette Dorner

Puget Sound Partnership

Tristan Peter-Contesse

Puget Sound Partnership

Scott Powell

Seattle City Light

Ed Connor

Seattle City Light

Jacques White

Long Live the Kings

Susan O'Neil Long Live the Kings

Ned Currence

Nooksack Indian Tribe

David Troutt

Nisqually Indian Tribe

Claire Chase Triangle Associates
Mishu Pham-Whipple Triangle Associates