Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund - Information for Applicants

Each year, consistent with our statutory authority under 16 U.S.C. 3645(d)(2), NOAA Fisheries administers a PCSRF grants competition. Eligible applicants include:

The solicitation is announced via a Federal Funding Opportunity (FFO) posted at (search for 11.438 under CFDA field). The precise timing of the FFO announcement varies from year to year, but generally occurs in January, with final applications due approximately two months later.

The FY2018 FFO has closed. The next announcement is anticipated on January 5, 2019.

Project proponents interested in applying for PCSRF associated funding should contact the appropriate state partner and follow that state's project application procedure.

The PCSRF program's priorities for funding, in ranked order, are:

  1. Projects that address factors limiting the productivity of Pacific salmon and steelhead listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), or those populations necessary for the exercise of tribal treaty fishing rights or native subsistence fishing. Projects benefiting ESA-listed populations shall address the limiting factors and priority actions specified in approved, interim, or proposed recovery plans. Projects benefiting populations important to the exercise of tribal treaty fishing rights or native subsistence fishing may include efforts to restore or maintain such populations while limiting factors are being addressed. This priority also includes the development of engineering or projects designs that are a necessary precursor to on-the-ground habitat improvement projects under this priority.
  2. Effectiveness monitoring of habitat restoration actions at the watershed or larger scales for ESA-listed salmon and steelhead, status monitoring projects that directly contribute to population viability assessments for ESA-listed salmon and steelhead, or monitoring necessary for the exercise of tribal treaty fishing rights or native subsistence fishing on salmon and steelhead.
  3. Other projects consistent with the Congressional authorization with demonstrated need for PCSRF funding. This includes projects that are necessary precursors to implementing activities under the above priorities including outreach, planning and coordination, assessment, research, and monitoring, or other engineering design projects.

Grant applications may include one or more of the above priorities. 

For additional information or specific questions, please contact Robert Markle ( or 503.230.5419.