Oregon Coast Coho Recovery Plan

The Recovery Plan for Oregon Coast Coho Salmon (Plan) provides guidance to improve the viability of the species to the point that it meets the delisting criteria and no longer requires ESA protection. The state's conservation plan is available below, together with supporting documents.

Federal Register Notice

Response to Comments on Proposed Plan

Final Oregon Coast Coho Recovery Plan

Executive Summary

Recovery Implementation Strategy: The Oregon Coast Coho Salmon Recovery Implementation Strategy (RIS) supplements the Oregon Coast Coho Salmon Recovery Plan (Plan). As of December 2016, when the Plan was finalized, the RIS contains an excerpt from the Plan for each of the five strata (shown below), but does not include population-level documents. We will add strategic action plans and other detailed information at the population level, developed in collaboration with ODFW and other agencies and local stakeholders, as they become available.

North Coast Stratum

Mid-Coast Stratum

Lake Stratum

Umpqua Stratum

Mid-South Coast Stratum

Oregon's Coastal Coho Conservation Plan