About Recovery Planning & Implementation Efforts in Lake Ozette

Following the listing Lake Ozette sockeye, the Lake Ozette Steering Committee formed to address the biological and environmental factors impeding the population’s survival. Several diverse bodies comprise the Steering Committee, including local, private, state, tribal, and federal partners. In 1999, when Lake Ozette sockeye became a federally protected species, the Steering Committee assisted NOAA Fisheries in its development of a biologically sound plan to guide recovery efforts. NOAA Fisheries adopted the Lake Ozette Sockeye Salmon Recovery Plan in 2009. The plan provides the foundation for restoring the population to healthy levels and is the foundation for voluntary action.

Since the plan's adoption, partners have taken the recovery plan from words to action. Through the work of the Lake Ozette Steering Committee, the recovery plan is making progress in several key areas, including habitat restoration and scientific research. Some example recovery actions include:

If you would like to get involved directly in Lake Ozette sockeye recovery efforts please join the Lake Ozette Steering Committee. Meetings can be found at www.wcssp.org and upcoming meetings are announced quarterly. To learn more about recovery efforts, please contact:

Jeff Fisher, Lake Ozette Recovery Coordinator

Email: Jeff.Fisher@noaa.gov

Phone: 360.534.9342