Stakeholder Participation & Rockfish Recovery Work Group

The Rockfish Work Group – In June of 2011 NOAA Fisheries, the SeaDoc Society, and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife hosted a workshop to gather stakeholders and share research for the recovery of rockfish in the Salish Sea.  The two day workshop successfully brought together the most current rockfish research and resulted in a voluntary workgroup that continues to meet regularly to discuss research needs for rockfish recovery.  

The work group is open to all stakeholders, managers, and researchers.  Current participants include representatives from NOAA Fisheries, Puget Sound tribes, WA Department of Fish and Wildlife, the University of Washington, aquaria and zoos, recreational fishing organizations, conservation organizations, and other organizations.  The group will receive updates about the rockfish recovery planning process in addition to discussing research needs for rockfish recovery.  To participate email Rockfish Recovery Coordinator Dan Tonnes at

Work group members are dedicated to the recovery of rockfish in the Salish Sea. Here are a few examples of their work, which ranges from angler education and social-ecological research to derelict gear and ROV surveying work:  

Estimating Fish Abundance and Community Composition on Rocky Habitats in the San Juan Islands Using a Small Remotely Operated Vehicle
Pacunski et al. 2013  

Using folk taxonomies to understand stakeholder perceptions for species conservation
Beaudreau et al. 2011

Collaboration, Legitimacy, and Awareness in Puget Sound MPAs
Hard et al. 2012

Dungeness Crab Mortality Due to Lost Traps and a Cost–Benefit Analysis of Trap Removal in Washington State Waters of the Salish Sea
Antonelis et al. 2011  

Puget Sound Anglers have produced an excellent rockfish identification card that also entails information about descending devices.  

Rockfish Workshop Proceedings