NOAA Fisheries' Funded Research Projects that Inform Recovery Planning

NOAA Fisheries has funded, and continues to fund, several projects with key research partners to inform rockfish recovery planning. These include:

Rockfish Bycatch in Shrimp Pots & Updated Estimates of the Magnitude of Derelict Shrimp Pots in Puget Sound   535kb

Evidence of habitat associations and distribution patterns of rockfish in Puget Sound from archival data (1974-1977)  585kb

Puget Sound Derelict Gillnet Prevention Report  115kb

Angling for Insight: Examining the Recreational Fishing Community's Knowledge, Perceptions, Practices, and Preferences to Inform Rockfish Recovery Planning in Puget Sound, Washington 2.95MB

NOAA Rockfish Cooperative Research Assessment Project 647kb

Deepwater Derelict Fishing Gear Removal Protocols 444kb

Spatial Distribution and Magnitude of Derelict Shrimp Pots and their Potential Impacts to Rockfish in Puget Sound 1.53MB

Deepwater Sidescan Sonar and Camera Surveys for Derelict Fishing Nets in Rockfish Habitat 12.9MB

Observed Impacts to Rockfish in Derelict Fish Gear in the Salish Sea

Perceptions of Change in Puget Sound: Documenting Historical Trends in Abundance of Marine Species Using Local Knowledge 4.9kb