Marine Mammal Stranding Network Maps and Area Contacts

The West Coast Region's Stranding Network coverage area is the near shore waters and shoreline of Washington, Oregon, and California. North of 32o 30'N (the U.S./Mexico border) and South of 49o0'N (the U.S./Canadian border), including the inland waters of Washington State. There are 3,767 km (2,337 nautical miles) of marine shoreline in Washington, 476 km (295 nautical miles) in Oregon, and 1674 km (904 nautical miles) in California.

The West Coast Region coordinates stranding network activities out of the NOAA Western Regional Campus based in Seattle, WA and out of Long Beach, CA. This Stranding Network is composed of cooperating scientific investigators and institutions, volunteer networks and individuals in all three states. Other organizations also involved are wildlife and fisheries agencies and state and federal law enforcement. Although response areas are defined geographically, the stranding network members coordinate extensively within the region and on occasion with our Canadian counterparts. Each stranding event is handled on a case-by-case basis and is dependent on local capability, available resources, personnel, and logistics. 

To report a dead, injured or stranded marine mammal, please call: 1-866-767-6114 
For law enforcement, harassments,  and other violations, please call:  1-800-853-1964

For entangled marine mammals, please call: 1-877-SOS-WHALe or 1-877-767-9425
or hail the U.S. Coast Guard on VHF Ch. 16
To report derelict gear, please call:  1-855542-3935

Washington Jurisdictions 687kb

Puget Sound Jurisdictions 370kb

Oregon Jurisdictions 528kb

California Live Stranding Jurisdictions 212kb

California Dead Stranding Jurisdictions 215kb