Ship Strike Partners & Collaboration

Every year NOAA works with the U.S. Coast Guard to broadcast and publishlocal notices to mariners to alert vessel operators about the presence of large whales, particulary in and around shipping lanes.  In collaboration with NOAA's National Marine Sanctuary partners and the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association, we created and distributed an educational poster about the four large whale species most commonly found along the U.S. West Coast.  The goals of the poster are to educate mariners about large whales off the West Coast, encourage them to report sightings, and report whales in distress.  NOAA scientists rely on educational institutions, other agencies, and other partners focusing on an assessment of the risk of  a large vessel hitting a large whale.  We recognize that any vessel type can hit a marine mammal and it is expected that the data we collect through our current efforts will aid in any future efforts, to reduce the risk of any type of vessel strike with a large whale.  In addition, we rely on our shipping industry leaders and representatives, local Marine Mammal Stranding Networks, and other stakeholder groups.

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