Safe Whale Watching - Be Whale Wise

Give whales space

Admiring whales from a distance is the safest and most responsible way to view them in their natural habitat. They are wild, unpredictable animals that can move surprisingly fast. Approaching them too closely endangers you and the whales, and may violate federal law.

Stay at least 100 yards away from whales - the length of a football field.

In Puget Sound stay 200 yards away from any killer whale. 

Whales are federally protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act. For more information:

Drone operators



To report a dead, injured or stranded marine mammal, call: 1.866.767.6114

For law enforcement, harassments, and other violations, call: 1.800.853.1964

For entangled marine mammals, call: 1.877.SOS-WHALe or 1.877.767.9425 or hail the U.S. Coast Guard on VHF Ch. 16

To report derelict gear, call: 1.855.542.3935