Marine Mammal Recovery Plans

The Endangered Species Act requires NOAA Fisheries to develop and implement recovery plans for marine mammals listed under the Act. Recovery plans identify actions needed to restore threatened and endangered species to the point that they are again self-sustaining elements of their ecosystems and no longer need protection. Although recovery plans are guidance, not regulatory documents, the Act clearly envisions recovery plans as the central organizing tool for guiding and coordinating recovery efforts across a wide spectrum of Federal, state, tribal, local, and private entities. Recovery planning is an opportunity to find common ground among diverse interests, obtain needed protection and restoration for salmon and their habitat, and secure the economic and cultural benefits of healthy watersheds and rivers. Recovery planning is a collaborative effort that draws on the collective knowledge, expertise, and actions of communities and partnerships.

Blue Whale (1998) 198kb

Fin Whale (2010) 702kb

Humpback Whale (1991) 5MB

Sei Whale (2011) 977kb

Southern Resident Killer Whales (2008) 1.7MB

Steller Sea Lions (2008 Revision) 4.9MB, (1992 Original) 2.7MB