Northern Elephant Seals Identification Tips

ID: Males grow elongated snout (proboscis), female snout extends just beyond the mouth; Black whiskers; Broad V-shaped hind flippers
Size: Adult males 12-16 ft, weigh ~ 5,000 lb.; adult females 7-12 ft, weigh ~ 2,000 lb.
Color: Pups born black, molt to silver coat at one month, adults light brown to black
Ears: No external ear flaps
Fore flippers: small
Genitals: Internal testes, 1-2 sets of teats

NOTE: This species will haul out during molting season and may stay in the same area for weeks at a time. When they are molting they look like they are in very poor shape, but this is normal. Please do not pour water on these animals or attempt to approach!

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