MMPA Section 120 Columbia River 2011 Activities

January 2011

NOAA Fisheries decides to fix "flaws" in sea lion removal program rather than seek further review of Ninth Circuit Court's decision

May 2011

NOAA Fisheries announced authorizing the states of Washington and Oregon to remove California sea lions that feed on ESA-listed salmon in the Columbia River Basin.

July 2011

NOAA Fisheries withdraws letter of authorization to lethally remove California Sea Lion at Bonneville Dam; program removals to date: total 37 animals.  

August 2011

Request by the states for Marine Mammal Protection Act Section 120 Authorization to remove California Sea Lions from the Columbia River  

September 2011

NOAA Fisheries accepts the states' application for a new authorization under the Marine Mammal Protection Act to lethally remove individually identifiable California sea lions at Bonneville Dam  

October 2011

Pinniped Fishery Interaction Task Force reconvenes

Corps of Engineers' Field Report, 2011

States' Field Report, 2011

November 2011

2011 Pinniped-Fishery Interaction Task Force Report release 166kb