Southern Resident Killer Whale ESA Recovery Plan Implementation - Coordination & Cooperation

Southern Resident killer whales are listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act in the U.S. Washington State's killer whales were added to the state's list of endangered species in 2004. In Canada, the Southern and Northern Residents are listed as endangered and threatened, respectively, under the Species at Risk Act.

These designations carry with them an added responsibility for resource agencies to prepare plans or strategies to recover these populations to a healthy condition. The definitions and mandates imposed by each listing are specific to the laws or regulations under which each of the listings are made. Nevertheless, the overarching goals of conservation and population recovery are remarkably similar regardless of jurisdiction. The recovery plan (1.7MB) calls for recovery plans and research efforts to be coordinated within and among responsible federal, state or provincial agencies to ensure that conservation goals are met and that resources for conservation are optimized:

5. Transboundary and interagency coordination and cooperation.

Fisheries & Oceans Canada Link to a non-government website

Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Link to a non-government website

Center for Whale Research Link to a non-government website

5.1 Cooperative research and monitoring.

5.2 Complementary recovery planning.

DFO's Recovery Strategy for the Northern and Southern Resident killer whales in Canada Link to a non-government website

5.3 Inter-jurisdictional enforcement cooperation and coordination.