Public Comments on Proposed Killer Whale Vessel Regulations

The files below include all comments received on the July 29, 2009, proposed killer whale vessel regulations. (271kb) All files are in PDF format. Note that some of the files are very large. We also have audio files of the public meetings at the Seattle Aquarium (WAV 1.8GB) and Friday Harbor (MP3 198GB), but our system won't accept files of that size. Please e-mail to request a CD of any files. Include your name and complete mailing address.

Summary of comments on proposed killer whale vessel regulations 39kb

Government (19 comments) 14.3MB

Industry & Other Associations (20 comments) 13.8MB

Research, Conservation & Education Organizations (23 comments) 24.2MB

Whale-Watch Industry (72 comments) 31.5MB

Public Individuals1 (64 comments) 4.9MB

Public Individuals2 (187 comments) 3.5MB

Public Individuals3 (179 comments) 4.8MB

Public Individuals4 (140 comments) 2.8MB

Petition1 (741 signatures) 174kb

Petition2 (203 names) 229kb

Petition3 (155 signatures, names) 597kb

Petition4 (156 names) 502kb

Petition5 (101 names) 1.2MB

Form Letter1 (1,551 copies) 11.5MB

Form Letter2 (504 copies) 2.6MB

Form Letter3 (145 copies) 58kb

Form Letter4 (43 copies) 319kb

Form Letter5 (39 copies) 282kb

Form Letter6 (37 copies) 1.7MB

Form Letter7 (20 copies) 90kb

Form Letter8 (15 copies) 1.5MB

Form Letter9 (12 copies) 1.6MB

Form Letter10 (9 copies) 349kb

Form Letter11 (8 copies) 253kb

Form Letter12 (8 copies) 383kb

Form Letter13 (7 copies) 302kb

Form Letter14 (6 copies) 255kb

Form Letter15 (4 copies) 336kb