Conservation Effort & Research

Regulations prohibiting the retention of green sturgeon in both recreation and commercial fisheries throughout California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia have been implemented. These regulations represent a significant reduction in the risk of loss of green sturgeon to fishing activities, and are expected to have a substantial conservation impact.

Recent research efforts have focused on monitoring early life history stages and estimating adult abundance to better evaluate overall species status. Additionally increased understanding of the impacts of contaminant exposure, ocean energy projects, predation by natrive and non-native species, foraging and feeding behavior, and baseline population data are sought to support the construction of a sound conservation plan for the ecosystems upon which green sturgeon depend.

NOAA Fisheries and our many partners are currently underway continuing numerous studies of the distribution, migrations, spawning habitat utilization, and population genetics of green sturgeon both in collaborative and independent efforts:

U.S Fish and Wildlife Service

University of California at Davis

California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

For more information, contact NOAA Fisheries Green Sturgeon Recovery Coordinator, Joe Heublein at