Green Abalone

Green abalone is identified as a "species of concern" from Point Conception, California to Bahia de Magdalena, Mexico. The Species of Concern Program provides opportunities for NOAA Fisheries and its partners to work together on research and on-the ground conservation actions that benefit the species and improve our understanding of their status.

Since 2009, NOAA Fisheries has partnered with Redondo SEA Lab to develop broodstock conditioning and captive propagation and rearing methods for green abalone. In 2011, this work expanded with a partnership between NOAA Fisheries, NOAA Restoration Center, and several organizations throughout southern California. Together, we are working to examine the genetic structure of green abalone populations along the southern California coast and develop in-situ disease screening techniques. This work is preparing for future outplanting studies with the long-term goal of restoring green abalone populations throughout the southern California coast.


Above : Larval, juvenile, and adult stages of green abalone. Spawning, measuring, and swabbing for disease screening are all part of a broodstock and propagation program with NOAA Fisheries and their many partners (Photos: courtesy of Rowena Valderrama, SEA Lab and Jonathan Williams, Vantuna Research Group)