Section 4(d) of the Endangered Species Act

Section 4(d) of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) directs NOAA Fisheries to issue regulations to conserve species listed as threatened. This applies particularly to "take," which can include any act that kills or injures fish, and may include habitat modification. The ESA prohibits any take of species listed as endangered, but some take of threatened species that does not interfere with survival and recovery may be allowed.

Our salmon and steelhead 4(d) rule applies take prohibitions to all actions except those within 13 limits to the rules. The limits, or exemptions, describe specified categories of activities that contribute to conserving listed salmon. A separate but closely related tribal 4(d) rule creates an additional limit for tribal resource management plans.

Salmon & Steelhead 4(d) Rules

Puget Sound Steelhead (Sept. 25, 2008)   61kb

Oregon Coast Coho(Feb. 11, 2008) 1.5MB

Upper Columbia River Steelhead (Feb. 1, 2006) 62kb

Threatened Steelhead (Jan. 5, 2006) 229kb

Threatened Salmon (June 28, 2005) 295kb

14 Populations of Salmon & Steelhead (July 10, 2000) 469kb