Oregon Coast Reference Chart Series

This reference chart series of the Oregon coast and offshore areas has 15 poster-size charts at 1:100,000 scale. The entire Oregon coast extending west approximately 30–50 nautical miles is covered by five chart areas. Each of the five areas has three corresponding charts based on these themes: Human Use & Management, Biological Resources, Seafloor & Shorelines.

Barb Seekins, now retired from NOAA Fisheries, and Andy Lanier of the Oregon Dept. of Land Conservation & Development, with collaboration from the Oregon Marine Mapping & GIS Team, created the charts in 2007-2008, originally in support of Oregon's Marine Reserve process. However, it was recognized early on that the information gathered and displayed is useful for many purposes. NOAA Fisheries has used the associated geospatial data for its work involving biological opinions, alternative energy sites, and critical habitat. These data and maps have also informed coastal and marine spatial planning efforts.

Use Internet Explorer to display the charts. Mozilla Firefox does not pull them up correctly. Charts were designed to be plotted out at 36 x 50 inches.

North Coast

Central Coast

South Central Coast

South Coast

Southernmost Coast

For questions about the charts above, please contact:
Andy Lanier at the Oregon Coastal Management Program, 503.373.0050 ext. 246.