Spring/Summer Operations

Water management from March through September will also follow a formulaic approach focused on meeting the needs of coho salmon and suckers in UKL while providing water deliveries to the Project and Lower Klamath NWR. The Environmental Water Account (EWA) is the volume of water available to the Klamath River from UKL for use from March through September. EWA volumes were developed with consideration of the needs of coho salmon, including effects to their critical habitat. EWA also is calculated monthly from March through June based on hydrologic conditions including UKL elevation, UKL net inflow, and NRCS inflow forecast. Distribution of EWA is based on a series of equations that uses the Williamson River as a hydrologic indicator to determine Link River dam releases.  Link River dam releases and accretions below Link River Dam comprise the total flow released at Iron Gate Dam.