Oregon Coast Hatchery Programs

NOAA Fisheries approved a set of hatchery and genetic management plans (HGMPs) guiding salmon, steelhead, and trout hatchery programs currently in operation along the Oregon Coast.  NOAA Fisheries worked with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) to ensure these hatchery programs do not jeopardize the continued existence of wild (natural-origin) coho salmon along the Oregon Coast.

The decision by NOAA Fisheries is the culmination of an extensive public review and comment process by ODFW and NOAA.  We appreciate the feedback from non-governmental organizations and concerned citizens in shaping our final decision on these hatchery management plans.

The hatchery programs operate out of 10 hatcheries—Cole Rivers Hatchery, Indian Hatchery, Elk Hatchery, Bandon Hatchery, Rock Hatchery (Umpqua River), Alsea Hatchery, Salmon Hatchery, Cedar Hatchery, Trask Hatchery, Nehalem Hatchery, and associated satellite facilities.  These hatchery programs are managed to provide hatchery fish for recreational and commercial fisheries in the ocean, bays, and rivers.

For more information, contact Lance Kruzic, NMFS Sustainable Fisheries Division, at lance.kruzic@noaa.gov, (541) 957-3381.


Oregon Coast Hatchery and Genetic Management Plans (HGMPs) (for latest versions of these HGMPs, visit ODFW's HGMP page)

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