Okanogan Hatchery/Harvest Plan proposed evaluation/draft EA

Review & Public Comment Period

Comment period closed (as of December 30, 2016)

NMFS prepared a proposed evaluation/pending determination and a draft environmental assessment of the effects of a Tribal Resource Management Plan for hatchery and related monitoring activities in the Okanogan River and mainstem Columbia River, pursuant to the protective regulations promulgated for Pacific salmon and steelhead under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). 

The Tribal plan was provided by the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation. The Tribal Plan describes actions involving fisheries, hatchery production, predator control, and kelt reconditioning activities (with associated monitoring and evaluation) in the Okanogan Basin and Columbia River mainstem.

The Tribal Plan is intended to contribute to the recovery of the steelhead population in the Okanogan Basin, and to responsibly enhance fishing opportunity of non-listed Chinook salmon in the Columbia River Mainstem and Okanogan Basin.

For more information, please contact Natasha Meyers-Cherry at (503) 231-2178 or by email at natasha.meyers-cherry@noaa.gov.

Documents made available for public review