Hatchery Contacts

For more information on hatchery programs by area:

California: Amanda Cranford at Amanda.Cranford@noaa.gov or 916.930.3706

Puget Sound, including Washington Coast, Hood Canal, and Straight of Juan de Fuca: Allyson Purcell at Allyson.Purcell@noaa.gov or 503.736.4736

Columbia Basin

Upper Columbia: Brett Farman at Brett.Farman@noaa.gov or 503.231.6222; Emi Kondo at emi.kondo@noaa.gov or 503.736.4739

Snake River: Charlene Hurst at Charlene.n.Hurst@noaa.gov or 503.230.5409

Middle & Lower Columbia: Rich Turner at Rich.Turner@noaa.gov or 503.736.4737

Mitchell Act programs: James Dixon at James.Dixon@noaa.gov or 360.534.9329

Oregon Coast and Willamette River: Lance Kruzic at Lance.Kruzic@noaa.gov or 541.957.3381