Russian River: Habitat Focus Area

NOAA's Habitat Blueprint provides a forward looking framework to think and act strategically across NOAA programs and  with partner organizations to address the growing challenge of coastal and marine habitat loss and degradation.  Increasing the effectiveness of our efforts, our main outcomes of the Habitat Blueprint include sustainable and abundant fish populations,recovered  threatened and endangered species, protection of coastal and marine habitats at risk, resilient coastal communities, and increased coastal/marine tourism, access and recreation. 

The Russian River in northern California was selected as a geographic priority area to focus expertise, resources, and actions to maximize benefits to marine resources, creating California's Habitat Focus Area. Across the agency, NOAA is working to rebuild endangered coho and threatened steelhead stocks to sustainable levels through habitat protection and restoration, improving frost, rainfall, and river forecasts through improved data collection and monitoring, and increasing community resiliency to flood damage within the Russian River watershed through improved water planning and management strategies.  Learn more about our NOAA-wide Collaborations below.