California Off Channel Restoration Case Studies

Off-channel habitat, including side-channels and ponds, provide highly desirable overwintering habitat for juvenile coho salmon. These habitats are documented to produce larger fish, a trait linked to higher survival rates in the estuarine and marine environment.

Although off channel habitat restoration has been successful in the Pacific Northwest since the late 1980s, it is a relatively new technique in California. The NOAA Restoration Center recognized the significant data gap in California off channel projects, and worked with the Mid Klamath Watershed Council, the Karuk Tribe and the Yurok Tribe to develop case studies in order to share what we have learned over the past few years.

Additional case studies will be added to this page as they become available, so check back. We plan to release 24 documents over the next two years. The studies  will provide information on the project objectives, fish populations, non-native/invasive presence, water quality, non-natal use, connectivity to the main channel, and lessons learned. Please contact Bob Pagliuco ( with any questions.

Case Studies

Alexander Pond