5-Year Review of Groundfish Essential Fish Habitat

Phase 1 of the Pacific Coast Groundfish 5-Year Review of EFH was completed in September 2012. 

The Phase 1 report summarizes information that has become available since the last groundfish EFH review was concluded in 2006, including life history and habitat requirements of the 91 species in the Pacific Groundfish Fisheries Management Plan; overviews of relevant trophic and ecosystem models; potential threats to groundfish EFH and prey species from fishing and non-fishing activities; and identification of research needs to further refine groundfish EFH.

This report features updated maps of seafloor habitat types and bathymetry; observations and bycatch of deep-sea corals and sponges; commercial fishing effort; and spatial management boundaries. Many of these maps and associated data sets and an array of mapping tools are available through a Consolidated Geographic Information Data Catalog and Online Registry. 

Phase 2 of the Pacific Coast Groundfish 5-Year Review will consider potential changes to designated EFH, based on new information produced by Phase1.

The Pacific Fishery Management Council has announced A Request For Proposals to modify Pacific coast groundfish EFH. Proposals must be received by the Council no later than July 31, 2013. This Request for Proposals and several documents to be used to support proposals to modify groundfish EFH are available on the Council's website.

For more information on the Request for Proposals contact

John Stadler, PhD

NW Regional EFH Coordinator


(503) 231-6290