Washington Department of Natural Resources State Forest Trust Lands West of the Cascades Habitat Conservation Plan

This multi-species agreement has a 70- to 100-year term for 1.14 million acres of industrial timber lands managed by the state. Unstable slopes, wetlands, and riparian areas are protected, and existing roads are managed to reduce impacts on salmon habitats and restore watershed functions. Thinning of riparian areas will be done only when it can restore old forest conditions believed optimum for watershed function and salmon habitat. The innovative details of riparian thinning were developed in 2001 – 2005. The HCP was signed in January 1997, and NOAA Fisheries issued the incidental take permit in June 1999.

The habitat conservation plan and associated documents are very large files. Please e-mail wcr.webcontent@noaa.gov to request a CD of these documents, and include your name and full mailing address.

Incidental Take Permit 364kb

Conference Opinion 2.1MB

Implementing Agreement   1.2MB