Green Diamond, California Aquatic Habitat Conservation Plan

This Aquatic Habitat Conservation Plan, is a 50 year term, multi-species plan outlining measures to minimize the impacts of incidental take on covered ESA listed species to allow the Green Diamond Resource Company to conduct timber operations on 416,531 acres of commercial timberland in Humboldt County and Del Norte in Northern California. These lands have been determined to provide, or potentially provide habitat to many species including the federally threatened Southern Oregon/Northern California Coast coho salmon, California Coastal Chinook and Northern California Steelhead.  This plan also take into account the 11 Hydrographic Planning Areas of Green Diamond operations and  area adjustment of added 291,377 acres to address commercial timber operations over time.

The final AHCP is a very large file. Please e-mail to request a CD of this document, and include your name and full mailing address.

Implementing Agreement 1.1MB

Incidental Take Permit 179kb

Biological Opinion 1.2MB

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