Fruit Growers Supply Company Habitat Conservation Plan

This is a multi-species agreement in place for a 50 year term, to allow the Fruit Growers Supply Company  to log 152,178 acres of commercial timberland in Siskiyou County California, spanning three management areas, the Klamath River, Scott Valley, and Grass Lake.  This HCP is in place to protect species listed under ESA including  the federally threatened Southern Oregon/Northern California Coast Coho salmon population. This plan also covers other salmonid species in the event these species become listed in the future and other endangered species managed through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.   NOAA Fisheries issued an incidental take permit November 28, 2012.

The final HCP is a very large file. Please e-mail to request a CD of this document, and include your name and full mailing address.

Implementing Agreement 1.2MB

Incidental Take Permit 322kb

Record of Decision 309kb

Biological & Conference Opinion 2.7MB

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