Caulerpa Prevention

What you can do to help protect our waters!

Aquarium water and other contents should never be emptied into or near any gutter, storm creek, lagoon, bay harbor or the ocean. Aquarium water should be disposed of only in a sink or toilet. Rock and other solid material from an aquarium should be disposed of in a trash can. Caulerpa taxifolia from an aquarium (and anything it is attached to) should be placed in a plastic bag, put in a freezer for at least 24 hours, and then disposed of in a trash can. If any seaweed suspected to be Caulerpa taxifolia is found on fishing gear, anchoring gear, or vessels, it should be removed, carefully bagged (since even the smallest fragment has the potential to regenerate into a new plant), and reported. In order to prevent new infestations and comply with the law, Caulerpa taxifolia should not be purchased, sold, or distributed.

For further information, USC Seagrant's Caulerpa: Don't Release a Pest guidance.

Any sightings should be immediately reported to the California Department of Fish & Wildlife at 858.467.4218 ( or NOAA Fisheries at 562.980.4037 (