For Vessel Owners & Operators

Pre-Trip Notification Requirement

Owners/operators of vessels in the following fisheries are required to notify Frank Orth & Associates before departing on any fishing trip. Frank Orth & Associates can be contacted at 800.522.7622 or 562.427.1822.

California Large-Mesh Drift Gillnet: 48 hours prior to departure

Southern California Small-Mesh Drift Gillnet: 48 hours prior to departure

Southern California Set Gillnet: 48 hours prior to departure

California Deep-Set Pelagic Longline: 24 hours prior to departure

U.S. Coast Guard Safety Decal Requirements

Observers may not depart on a fishing trip aboard a vessel which does not comply with United States Coast Guard *USCG) safety requirementsw or that does not display a current Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Examination decal [ 50 CFR§600.746(b)] All vessels carrying an observer must meet USCG safety requirements and display a current safety decal. Vessels that do not meet these requirements are deemed unsafe for purposes of carrying an observer and must correct noted deficiencies prior to departing on a fishing trip.

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Letters to the Fleet:

2013 Drift Gillnet Fleet Notice 467kb

Important Things to Know 142kb

Expectations at Sea 18kb

For more information on the Southwest  Fisheries Observer Program, contact Charles Villafana at or 562.980.4033.