Nez Perce & Oregon Steelhead Fisheries Plans Available

(Comment period closed June 5, 2019)

NOAA Fisheries is providing the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Fishery Management and Evaluation Plan (FMEP) for recreational steelhead fisheries in the Snake River Basin for public comment.

NOAA Fisheries is also providing our Proposed Evaluation and Pending Determination (PEPD) on the Nez Perce Tribe’s Tribal Resource Management Plan for steelhead fisheries in the Snake River Basin.

Both plans were provided to NOAA to evaluate their effects to ESA-listed species under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) section 4(d) Rules (limit 4 for state plans, and the Tribal 4(d) Rule for tribes) for salmon and steelhead.

These plans are part of a new basin-wide framework designed to limit total impacts on steelhead from all fisheries in the Snake River Basin. The framework also includes new low-abundance thresholds that will trigger implementation of additional conservation measures when natural-origin steelhead abundance is projected to fall below threshold levels. This framework was developed in collaboration with all fishery managers in the Snake River Basin.

How To Comment

Written comments on the application should be addressed to the NMFS Sustainable Fisheries Division, 1201 N.E. Lloyd Boulevard, Suite 1100, Portland, OR 97232. Comments may be submitted by email. The mailbox address for providing email comments is: Include in the subject line of the email comment the following identifier: Comments on Snake River Steelhead Fisheries.

For more information, please contact Charlene Hurst at (503) 230-5409 or


Fishery Management and Evaluation Plan - Oregon recreational steelhead fisheries PDF Formatted Document 255kb

Proposed Evaluation and Pending Determination - Nez Perce Tribal steelhead fisheries plan PDF Formatted Document1.4MB

Notice of Availability (84 FR 19904, May 7, 2019)

The following documents are completed and not part of the current public comment period. NOAA Fisheries is making them available to aid in consideration of the documents above.

Snake River Steelhead Fisheries FONSI/EA PDF Formatted Document 2.82 MB

Snake River Steelhead Fisheries Biological Opinion PDF Formatted Document 2.66 MB