Commercial Passenger Fishing Vessel (CPFV)

Most of the CPFV catch in Oregon and Washington consists of North Pacific albacore tuna, while vessels fishing in California and Mexico target dorado (dolphinfish or mahi mahi), yellowfin, Pacific bluefin, and albacore tunas. The fishery operates year round, but the peak tuna fishing season is spring and summer. In contrast to other highly migratory species fisheries, catch is measured for recreational fishing using numbers of fish as opposed to weight. Commercial passenger fishing vessels caught over 22,000 fish in California and over 143,000 fish in Mexico in 2012. There are approximately 260 commercial passenger fishing vessels permitted to target highly migratory species with hook and line (rod-and-reel). Anglers are subject to recreational fishing bag limits with their catches constrained to boats limits for some species. Additionally, many private vessels engage in recreational for highly migratory species along the West Coast. Anglers on private vessels are also subject to recreational fishing bag limits. In 2012, over 82,000 albacore tuna, 8,500 dorado, and 1,000 yellow fin tuna were caught and landed.

Recreational anglers typically use hook-and-line ( rod and reel or pole-and-line), which is a hand-held fishing rod with a manually or electrically operated reel attached.