2011 U.S. West Coast Swordfish Workshop: Working Towards Sustainability

This workshop took place from May 10 -11, 2011  in San Diego, California,and was coordinated through the Southwest Regional Office and the Southwest Fisheries Science Center of NOAA Fisheries. It brought together stakeholders to share information and discuss perspectives on the long- term sustainability of the U.S. West Coast Swordfish fisheries.

The workshop objectives were to establish through information sharing, the current state of knowledge on biological, ecological, and socioeconomic factors of Pacific swordfish fisheries,and achieve a common understanding among stakeholders of the current issues facing, and potential future of the U.S. West Coast swordfish fisheries.

Participation was by invitation only
Steering Committee: Christina Fahy,Craig Heberer,Heidi Hermsmeyer, Jennifer Ise,Dr. Dale Squires and Dr. Yonat Swimmer
Executive Committee:Dr. Kevin Chu, Mark Helvey,Kristin Koch,Gary Sakagawa, and Heidi Taylor