2013 Pacific Whiting Fishery

Federal Register Notices
12/18/2013 78FR76570: NOAA Fisheries announces reapportionment of Pacific whiting from the tribal allocation to the non-tribal commercial fishery allocations, applying beginning September 18, 2013 until December 31, 2013
05/07/2013 78FR26526: Final rule for the 2013 Tribal and non-Tribal fisheries for Pacific whiting, effective May 7, 2013
03/28/2013 78FR18879: Final rule for reconsideration of allocation of Pacific whiting in the Pacific coast groundfish fishery
03/05/2013 78FR14259: Proposed 2013 Tribal fishery for Pacific whiting
01/02/2013 78FR72: Proposed rule for reconsideration of allocation of Pacific whiting in Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery; request for comments
Official Notices
09/16/2013 NOAA Fisheries announces a reapportionment of Tribal Pacific whiting, effective at noon on September 18, 2013
05/08/2013 NMFS-SEA-13-10: NMFS announces the final harvest specifications and sector allocations for Pacific whiting for 2013.
05/07/2013 NMFS-SEA-13-08: NMFS announces Pacific whiting allocations, adjustments to quota share accounts, adjustments to vessel accounts, and changes to the online IFQ system.
01/04/2013 NMFS-SEA-13-02: Trawl Rationalization Program: Shorebased IFQ Program - Release of Additional Whiting QP
Inseason Updates
08/14/2013 Preliminary Report #01 -- 2013 At-sea and Tribal Pacific Whiting Fsiheries
Season Summary
04/23/2014 2013 Pacific Whiting Fishery Summary