Center for Independent Experts Panel Review of the Joint Pacific Sardine and Pacific Whiting (Hake) Acoustic Trawl Survey

The National Marine Fisheries Service's Office of Science and Technology coordinates and manages a contract providing external expertise through the Center for Independent Experts to conduct independent peer reviews of NMFS scientific projects. The purpose of this review is to gain impartial and independent peer review without conflicts of interest. Reviewers are selected by the Center for Independent Experts.

This independent peer review is of the Pacific sardine and Pacific whiting (hake) joint acoustic-trawl survey of both Pacific whiting and Pacific sardine in waters off the U.S. and Canada. This survey was the result of collaboration and partnership between NMFS' Northwest and Southwest Fisheries Science Centers and Canada's Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the fishing industry. Four experts, three independent reviewers and one panel Chair, participated in a panel peer review.


2014 Independent Peer Review Panel Reports