Pacific Whiting Treaty Advisory Panel

Each party shall appoint at least six, but no more than 12 individuals to serve as members of the Advisory Panel (AP). Panel members shall be knowledgeable or experienced in the harvesting, processing, marketing, management, conservation, or research of the Pacific whiting fisheries. The AP shall meet annually, prior to the meeting of the Joint Management Committee, or as often as necessary, to:


U.S. members of the advisory panel include:

    • Joe Bersch, Phoenix Processor Limited Partnership
    • Al Carter, Ocean Gold Seafoods
    • Bob Dooley, United Catcher Boats
    • Mike Hyde, American Seafoods
    • Tom Libby, California Shellfish Co., Inc./Hallmark Fisheries/Point Adams Packing Company
    • Michael Okoniewski, Pacific Coast Seafood
    • Brent Paine, United Catcher Boats
    • Dave Smith, Independent Fisherman

Canadian members of the advisory panel include:

    • Kelly Andersen, Groundfish Trawl Advisory Committee
    • Mike Buston, Aqualine Seafoods
    • Dave Dawson, Canadian Fishing Company
    • Brian Dickens, Groundfish Trawl Advisory Committee
    • Wayne Elvan, Independent Hake Fisher
    • Peter Knott, Independent Hake Fisher
    • Shannon Mann, Groundfish Trawl Advisory Committee
    • Joe Greene, Hake Consortium of British Columbia
    • Brian Mose, Deep Sea Trawlers Association
    • Albert Radil, Association of Pacific Hake Fishermen



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