NOAA Fisheries' Recreational Fishing Initiative

NOAA Fisheries' Recreational Fishing Initiative is a focused effort dedicated to establishing a strong working relationship with the recreational fishing community throughout the nation. The April 2010 Recreational Saltwater Fishing Summit marked the renewal of a conversation with the recreational fishing community to help forge a stronger partnership through dialogue and follow-up action. Summit participants highlighted a range of issues, including better catch, effort, and economic data; improved and more regular communication regionally and nationally; and more consistent inclusion of recreational interests in management processes. The October 2010 Recreational Saltwater Fisheries Action Agenda (National Action Agenda) was the outcome of this exchange.

In April 2014, NOAA Fisheries convened another Recreational Saltwater Fishing Summit with representatives from the recreational fishing community to discuss progress and updated needs in the science, management, and stewardship of sustainable recreational fishing opportunities. At the Summit, NOAA Fisheries committed to creating a policy on saltwater recreational fishing. After extensive public discussion, the agency released the National Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Policy in February 2015 to guide NOAA Fisheries' planning, activities, and decision-making.

West Coast Saltwater Recreational Fishing Action Agenda

NOAA Fisheries and recreational fishermen on the West Coast have been working together to improve the responsiveness and effectiveness of NOAA's science and management programs that support recreational fishing opportunities. Consistent with the National Action Agenda, the agency maintains a West Coast Saltwater Recreational Fishing Action Agenda detailing regional priorities and objectives to address the following goals:

  1. Improved recreational fishing opportunities
  2. Improved recreational catch, effort, and status data
  3. Improved social and economic data on recreational fisheries
  4. Improved communication
  5. Improved institutional orientation

The 2014-2015 West Coast Saltwater Recreational Fishing Action Agenda was released March 5, 2014. It updates the prior Action Agendas created in 2011 for NOAA Fisheries' former Northwest and Southwest Regions.

The Action Agenda was developed by NOAA Fisheries' West Coast Region, Northwest Fisheries Science Center, and Southwest Fisheries Science Center with input from leaders in the saltwater angling community along the Pacific Coast, from Washington through California. In 2013, the agency convened a series of meetings with these leaders in California and Oregon. The meetings provided an opportunity for the recreational fishing community to provide ideas for inclusion in the updated Action Agenda.

 For more information, please visit NOAA Fisheries' National Recreational Fishing website.